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I am looking forward to making an installation for the reading room at the new Vandalia branch of the Metro library. Here is a link for more information about this community art project:


I will be revisiting my portrait project during the opening of a fabulous exhibit featuring the photos  of Bill Franz. Bill photographed artists in their studios, and the photographs are displayed alongside with the artists work at K12 Gallery TEJAS -341 E. Jefferson St. in Dayton.

The opening Friday Nov. 11, from 6:30-10:30 p.m. takes place during the annual fundraiser for the Artists in Training program. Tickets are $50 each or $75 per couple. More information:


mandalacartTerrific Women in Giving-TWIG-the auxiliary of Dayton Children’s Hospital, is helping to distribute the healing mandalas which volunteers have been making to give the patients at Children’s Hospital.
I will be conducting another healing mandala workshop tonight at K12 Gallery TEJAS from 6-8 during the opening of the “Up Close” exhibit. Thanks to K12 Gallery TEJAS for donating glass.


We Wish You Well

ArtFest marked the debut of my newest community art project: We Wish You Well! Over 200 hundred people helped to make healing mandalas out of glass -thanks to K12 Gallery/TEJAS for donating the glass!- the wishes are going to be given to Children’s Hospital. I will be posting photos of the display soon Thanks to all the participants!img_7251


3 exhibitions in May!

Tonight, during the preview party at the Yellow Cab Bldg. 700 E 4th St. I will begin setting up my “nest” hope to see you at the Side Show May 13 & 14!
I will be inviting the community to help me “feather” it with handmade paper. Weather permitting I will be making japanese style paper from 3-7 on Saturday.

I will have art at the Dayton Racquet Club, 40 N. Main St. through July 12. Please come admire the view, see some art and say hello at the FREE RECEPTION from 6-8 on Thursday May 19

and last, but not least, I will be making portraits from 6-10 for a Kelsey Project:ONE NIGHT ONLY MAY 20! Feed The Adjuncts at Front Street 1001 E 2cnd St, Bldg 100 2cnd Floor B-C

11.29 you are in town I hope you can attend the Art Ed: An Art Educators’ Exhibition
Reception: December 5, 11am – 3pm ( and vote for your favorite work)


Art Show


I will be sculpting Rodney Veal, Host of the Art Show at DVAC tonight. It’s the opening of The Body Electric, come clap at 6:30,  I got an award of meritme & Rodney


butterfliesThe Sideshow is magic – both for the people who participate and for those who attend. Built by artists for the sheer fun of celebrating art and music, it is a very unique show. I created a studio behind a “screen of absent butterflies” and invited people to either take a butterfly that I had painted, or to decorate their own. I attached a milkweed seed to a label printed with information for how to help save the Monarchs:

Photos courtesy of Bill Franz and Bruce Soifer10302517_10202259863804031_4470319976042531750_n10341554_10201978218566178_2089753680122341982_n


earthdayA lovely day! Thanks for coming out!

Here are the hyper-tufa casting instructions: Mix equal parts cement, vermiculite and sifted peat moss. Wear mask and try to do this outside.
Mix just enough water into the mix so it has the consistency of oatmeal. “Pitty-patt” press the mix into the plaster face mold* gently but thoroughly. Support the molds’ nose. The 1st layer should be 1/4 thick, then fiberglas/burlap should be layered in. Cover with another 1/4 layer of the mix. Place the filled mold facing outward into a container that has been cut out to accommodate the face mold. Pack the mix into the container and all around the mold as before, leaving the the center hollow. Pack the interior with plastic & wet towels. Cover with plastic. It will need to be kept damp as it cures for 3 days.
To leach the cement chemicals from your planter, soak it in a 5 gallon bucket of water for a week, changing the water daily.

* To make a plaster face mold: thoroughly grease model’s face, remind them not to open their eyes and to remain still throughout the process. Apply plaster strips dipped in water, overlap slightly. Do not cover the model’s nose! When dry, remove and plaster the nose holes,  then re-grease the interior of the mold.


I have a work in this show at The Rosewood Gallery

The opening is from 2-4 on Sunday Jan 16